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Name: Amras Padfoot
Occupation: Cinematographer
Hobby: Naturalist/Wildlife Educator

Species: Canis lupus arctos; but, also, part “arctic” or “blonde” coyote (C. latrans)
Sex: MALE ♂
Gender: MALE ♂
Sexual Orientation: Gay ⚣, Demisexual
Age: 37

Fur Colour: Warm Arctic White [colour reference: ANPA 73-2 AdPro, Hex #FBF2D4], with some slight hints of red [colour reference: Pantone 159U, Hex #DC6728] near the base of his tail around the supracaudal gland.
Eye Colour: Green (colour reference : Pantone 355U, Hex #00A14E).
“Hair” Colour: Red (which is actually orange [colour reference : Pantone 159U, Hex #DC6728], but … “redhead“, ya know!).

Other Details: Please see the list below for colour details of claws, nose, lips, paw pads, etc.:

  • Claws are silver on top surface and white on the bottom surface (see: Lycaious Ref, below), but may also be depicted as black.
  • Nose is black.
  • Lips are black.
  • Paw/Hand Pads are black.
    • Please note, in any bipedal form, Amras should always be depicted with FOUR (4) fingers AND ONE (1) thumb on each paw.
    • Amras’ hind paws/back paws/feet always feature dew claws.
  • Eyebrows are red [colour reference: Pantone 159U, Hex #DC6728].

—Please keep in mind that wolf tails do not curl like a husky’s or malamute’s. While they do bend, they don’t curl.

Piercings: Both “ear lobes” are stretched to 1/2 inch with wooden plugs. Plugs should be coloured red, sunshine gold, or soft green.
—Please note that the right helix, industrial, eyebrow piercing, and right high-lobe piercing from previous commissions and badges have all been removed.—


Amras is a 183cm tall (~6’), digitigrade white, arctic werewolf (with a small amount of coyote lineage) with short, straight red hair in a 1-inch forward fade (example photos can be provided to artists for current haircut; hair was previously shown as shoulder length, straight red hair sometimes pulled back into a ponytail). The highlights in his fur are warm, even on the coldest winter’s day, but do not break the pristine white of his coat. Do take note that Amras has a “coyote spot” of faded red (same colour as his red hair, referenced above) on his tail around the supracaudal gland.

A friendly and caring wolf, his calm, dominant nature and easy going—yet often sarcastic—attitude shine through in the way he carries himself. At about 170lbs, Amras’ body type makes him look something between skinny and average, with decent but not overwhelming muscle tone—i.e. he’s no power lifter, but he is a CrossFit athlete and soccer player. If nude his build should reflect a closer-to-canine bone structure in the depth and shape of the ribs/chest and the slender, flat line of the waist (think werewolf meets furry… sort of) with canine-specific anatomy below the waist.

He is not modest and so he rarely wears clothes when not required to. When he is clothed—care should be taken to reflect his build with the fall of the fabric—he often wears board shorts or gym shorts (compression style), further revealing his beach-bum childhood, and a heather-coloured, bright t-shirt. No shoes. Never shoes.

Amras is keen to his surroundings and those around him at all times, his moves are confident and smooth. If he trips he is the first to laugh it off, but that shouldn’t fool you as wolves are constantly testing and sizing up everyone around them and it’s possible that the trip was intentional as a test to measure your reaction.

Feral Details:

When depicted as a “feral,” or in “Lupus” form, Amras doesn’t have “hair” on his head but his scruff becomes red. The red spot on his tail is consistent in all forms.

Werewolf Details:

Amras is a werewolf, he changes from a “normal” anthropomorphic wolf into a larger, monstrous version of himself. All details are essentially the same, but height grows to 275 cm (~9’) and his weight and musculature roughly doubles.

Amras is also able to assume any of the Five Forms™Homid (in this case, anthropomorphic wolf instead of human), Glabro, Crinos (“true” werewolf form), Hispo, and Lupus—at will. In all cases, he has a tail because he is a real and true werewolf, not a cynocephalus. And as a real and true werewolf, Amras is not “bound to the moon” nor vulnerable to silver, which are pop-culture myths originated by Universal Pictures’ Werewolf of London (1935), The Wolf Man (1941), and Hammer Film Studios’ The Curse of the Werewolf (1961).


Art Guides

Reference Sheets

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AliothFox Ref Sheet (DL)
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Previous Commissions

Newer commissions which reflect hairstyle change (short hair) are towards the top of the mosaic below.


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